Surfside Kids Dental Review

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Jun 1, 2016 | Posted by K.T.

Surfside Kid's Dental is the best dental place I have ever been to because the place and people there are so cool. They also have rewards program for kids if you are good in school, good with your follow ups, etc. You can get a variety of gift cards to choose from by getting points from basically everything. Another reason why this is the best dental I have ever been in is because I am always excited to go there instead of being scared. The last reasons why Surfside Dental is the best dental place because they have a puffer fish in their aquarium. Their places has so many games and entertainment that I don't mind going there earlier and enjoy while waiting for my appointment. These are some reasons why I love Surfside Dental. I have been recommending them to my friends and family.

by Kayla Tan-10 year old